Ortron Announces First Windows Explorer Recorder for Repetitious File Management

Ortron, Inc. has released “You Can Record and More”, a Windows Explorer extension which records and later “replays” repetitive tasks in Windows XP, Vista, Win7.   In Windows Explorer as the user copies, renames, deletes, opens or zips a file(s) “You Can Record and More” records an equivalent script.  A shortcut for the script is placed on the desktop.  Clicking the desktop shortcut replays, that is, repeats the original file management.   The product is directed at any user familiar with Windows Explorer who desires to save time by automating backups, daily submission of files to a server or any routine repetitive file management.

How does the Recorder work?  The recording process is similar to the normal Windows Explorer usage.  In Explorer the user selects a file(s) as normal and right clicks for the context menu.  Instead of selecting copy, cut, rename or paste from the context menu the user selects “You Can Record” which opens the recording window where the recording is named.  Furthermore, in this window a list of file management tasks (such as copy, cut, rename, delete, open, zip and so on) is provided.  Whatever is selected from the list will be recorded as an English sentence in the “You Can Author Editor”.  When the user completes all file management tasks the recorded English sentences are translated to a VBScript file and a shortcut to the VBScript file is created on the desktop to replay the recorded operations.  If needed advanced users can modify the recorded English sentences in the “You Can Author Editor”. 

The product extends Windows Explorer in other ways, as well.   It is a file renamer that can rename multiple files at a time.   Several methods for renaming are available.  The file type can be changed, the file date appended, today’s date appended or any character string added to the name.  Appending a unique number is useful where the same file name is reused.

The alternatives for repetitious file management, such as command line batch files and VBScript coding, are more complicated requiring training.  Many Windows Explorer users will find the Recorder easier since knowledge of the scripting language is not required.
“You Can Record and More” is available as freeware.  It can be downloaded as part of the full version of  “You Can Author File Scripts for Users”.  The software can be acquired from “youcanauthor.com” web site.  For more information, there are short videos at www.YouCanAuthor.com/File-Scripting-for-users.html .

August 16, 2010