Not a high tech specialist?  Scripting/Creating Bat Files Not for you?  
Yes, You Can Script!  Here's how:

Record in Windows Explorer

while you copy files, rename and so on.
Replay by clicking a desktop icon.  
          play videowatch how to record (1 min.)

  Creating or Modifying Script
is as easy as filling in a point and click form.
          Process is similar to a word puzzle but
all the words are multiple choice.  
play videowatch how easy it is to create script vs. creating bat file (4 min.)

Why You Can Author Scripts?

Relief from repeated copying, renaming, deleting, zipping, opening files.

Advanced features in file management options like "bypass delete if file not present", "overwrite existing file" and many more options to give you more control.

Run file management in the background freeing your time while you continue in Windows.

Easier than creating bat file (.bat file)

Run scripts via a desktop icon, You Can Launch, Explorer toolbar or startup folder.

Designed for all users

Anyone can fill in a form.

You will be warned if there is a problem.

And there's no need to learn a computer language.  Just point and click.

FREE to moderate users.

Solutions - What You Can Do

File copy, file rename and/or delete
many files at a time

  • copy many folders or mass copy files.
  • copy a file to many folders.
  • copy basket of files from multiple folders to one folder.

Critical file backups

Regularly save important files to a server or backup drive.  Save disk space by compressing with zip command sentence.

Copy files and subset of files in a folder to Dropbox folder.

Run programs (as bat files do) :

  • Your script can start a program or multiple programs in sequence with one click.
  • No need to create bat file or Visual Basic Script.
  • Run programs in background.

Powerful Renamer
Keep multiple copies of file

Renaming to a unique file name.
Add a sequence number, date, or character string

Cleanup unneeded or old files.


Why Our Scripting

Save time by riding yourself
of repetitive file management in Windows Explorer.

Prevent tedious manual
application startup and creating
bat files.

Entry forms are simple or powerful
depending on your comfort level

Outstanding error prevention mechanisms

Free file management to moderate users. 

Power User Supporting others?

Create a script for less savvy users.
Copy script and icon to their PC.

Tech Support Guy?

Create a script for your users to run.
Copy script and icon to their PC.

Script variables make it easy to revise scripts for changes.

Logging of script results means you can review what your user did.

Easier and faster than creating bat file for file related scripting.

Built-in error support and advanced options makes it worth while even if you are experienced in creating bat files.

How It Works

In You Can Author Editor you complete forms. The forms are converted to computer commands. The point and click interface makes writing computer commands easy. You choose a simple or more complex form.

A series of commands make up a procedure. The procedure is translated to Visual Basic Script language which can be run on most Windows computers at your convenience. Our You Can Launch makes running the script easy.

Best of all you don't need to know any computer language. You Can Author scripts lets you know if there are unexpected problems, for example a missing file you wanted to delete.

The Editor is designed for all users.

Not comfortable with DOS bat files? This is so much easier than creating a bat file.


System Requirements

dotWindows XP, Vista, 7
dotVisual Basic scripts run on any
dot Windows with WSH 5.6 or later