Enjoy convenience of faster open for folders, documents, dual panes


Prevent boring, tedious navigating down through folder tree

Bookmark the open Explorer folder by clicking icon.  Later reopen the folder by clicking on it in Folder List.

Dual Pane, side by side Explorer windows

To compare folders reopen 2 bookmarked folders - one in each Windows Explorer window.  Click Open Dual Panes icon.

Faster file copy by bookmarking 2 folders

Bookmark the open Explorer folder and a folder in the folder navigation tree. Later, open the folder and scroll tree to the bookmarked navigation folder.

Open apps, documents and files quickly

Bookmark the file and reopen later from Run List by clicking Run icon.

Toolbar is free to use in Windows Explorer, the File Manger you know.  Use at any time even during recording.


Toolbar Icons in Windows Explorer

You Can Do It Toolbar -  Icons For convenience and productivity

Free file manager Toolbar for Windows Explorer - Better than some Windows Explorer replacements

Choose app or document from Run List.

Open Dual Explorer Windows from Folder List.

Add open folder to Folder List. How to bookmark 2 folders.