Enjoy relief from repeated, tedious file copying, renaming, deleting, zipping and opening

Enjoy Convenience and Productivity

even if not automating

Reopen bookmarked folder(s)

Prevent boring, tedious navigating through folder tree

Dual "Panes" for Folder Compare

Reopen 2 bookmarked folders in dual, side by side windows.

File Launcher for many Files

Launch apps, documents, scripts and files quickly.

Better File Management

Better zipping with optional encryption for security

Better file rename to rename many files at once

Delete file(s) permanently or to the recycle bin

Free file management features for all users
in the free Windows Explorer you know

Save Time, Hassle - Automate

Record Repetitive Tasks

Record file copy, file delete, file rename, add to zip file in Windows Explorer
            easy for all users to record - easier than creating a bat filewatch how easy it is to record (1 min.)

Replay recorded tasks with one or two clicks

Automate - Scripting for Non-programmers

First, record as you copy, delete, open apps...

If needed, edit your recordings or write your own file management commands.    Think you can't? 

             easy for all users to write a sentence with point and click - much easier than creating a bat filewatch how easy it is (4 min.)

Run scripts in background.   

Easier than creating bat file     For all users

Solutions - What You Can Do

Repeat file copy, rename, delete, open and/or zip of one or many files and folders at any time.


Automate file copy or folder copy:

  • copy many folders or mass copy files.
  • copy a file to many folders.
  • copy basket of files from multiple folders to one folder.

End Tedious, Repetitive File Management

Record repetitive tasks as you copy, cut, rename, delete, open, zip folders and files.
Replay your recording by clicking an icon on your desktop, clicking script name in Run List, adding to startup folder.

If needed, modify recorded script or create a script. It's as easy as filling in a point and click form.  Process is similar to a word puzzle but all the words are multiple choice.

Be More Productive

Quickly run programs whenever needed (as bat files do). Your recorded script can start programs or open documents. No need for DOS batch jobs and Visual Basic Script coding.

Powerful Renamer
Keep Multiple Copies of File

Rename one or many photos or files by adding:

  • an identifier
  • a unique number
  • the file modified date
  • today's date

Keep multiple copies of a file by renaming it to a unique name.
Copy and rename files at the same time.

Backup & Sync Solutions

Critical file backups

Regularly backup crucial files/folders to a server or USB drive.

Cloud Disaster Backup

Copy specific files and groups of files in a folder to Dropbox and other internet sites.

Why Record/Replay

Save time by ridding yourself of repetitive file copy, file rename and other file management in Windows Explorer.

Prevent tedious manual
application startup and creating
bat files.

Why it's Better than Bat Files

Point and click method of writing a sentence is easier than DOS command line.

Outstanding error handling mechanisms during replay warn before a problem.

Logging of replay results

Available in the familiar free Windows Explorer File Manager.




All Features

How It Works

In You Can Record and More you can record your file copies, cuts, renames, deletes, zips and application file/document opens while you work in Windows Explorer, an application you already know.

In You Can Author you complete forms to modify a recording or create a new script.  The forms are converted to command sentence. The point and click interface makes writing sentences easy. You choose a simple or more complex form.

A series of sentences make up a procedure. The procedure is translated by You Can Author to Visual Basic Script language which can be run on most Windows computers at your convenience by clicking an icon.

Best of all you don't need to know any computer language. You Can Author scripts lets you know if there are unexpected problems, for example a missing file you wanted to delete.

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7
Visual Basic scripts run on any
Windows with WSH 5.6 or later